Bach Flower Remedies

    Bach Flower Remedies were first used in the 1930's by Dr Edward Bach, who devoted his life to understand and utilise these natural remedies, which work on the emotional and spiritual levels of our being, helping to overcome blockages that affect our well-being.

    The remedies are safe, and can be used by all the family, including children. They can be used in addition to medication.

    There are 38 individual flower remedies, in addition to the Rescue Remedy, which may be used in times of crisis. The individual remedies have 7 main categories - Fear, Uncertainty, Lack of Interest in Present Circumstances, Loneliness, Oversensitivity, Despondency and dispair, and Overcare for Others Welfare.

    A consultation gives the chance to explore how you are feeling and the most appropriate remedies are made up to a treatment bottle for you to take home. 

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